Orange-Citrus Bath Herbs
Use only dried materials.
  • 1 oz. Orange peel, CS (Cut and Sifted)
  • 1 oz. Orange flowers, WH (Whole)
  • 1 oz. Lemon peel, CS
  • 1 oz. Comfrey leaves, CS
  • Camomile, WH
  • 1 oz. Almond meal

Quantity:  Makes 6-12 baths.

To Make:  Mix together and store away for use.

To Use:  At bath time you may, 1) put a large handful of the mixed herbs into a muslin bag and drop the bag in the hot tub; 2) drop the herbs directly into the water; 3) put the herbs into a perforated metal ball available in the cooking section of department stores and often used in the cooking of rice; 4) make an infusion of herbs and strain the liquid into the tub.

Why:  In this bath mixture, Orange peel soothes the skin, Orange flowers impart fragrance, Lemon peel is an astringent, Comfrey leaves are a healing emollient and astringent, Camomile is soothing and a healer, and Almond meal adds a slippery feel.

Tip:  There are several kinds of metal balls used in cooking rice.  Some have chains attached that can be hung from the edge of pot or tub.  One small 3" diameter ball I purchased came equipped with a cork float that was perfect in my tub.  Now I can always keep track of my bath ball.

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